Posted on November 23, 2006


welcome to our new “blog”. we’ve updated the site & added this feature that will, hopefully, get us to post news more often.

today was silly monkey’s very first thanksgiving. matt, silly monkey & i joined mom, michelle & joshua for a fantastic feast (and i’m not just saying that b/c i cooked a lot of it)!

i headed over early to help with the turkey, taters, yams, green beads, corn, stuffing, cranberries, gravy, and dishes. at 3pm, we were all shoveling the traditional entree into our mouths, even silly monkey who enjoyed mashed taters, sweet taters & crescent rolls in his fancy new “baby’s first thanksgiving” bib over top his new green cordouroy overalls. a good time was had by all. most of us were about to pass out before dessert (pumpkin pie, rice krispies treats, brownies & lemon meringue pie).

after matt went home, i took silly monkey to visit with hilma for a bit. he showed his great auntie hilma, great unce doug and cousins, Keith & Justin, how close he is to crawling. it’s amazing how things change in such a short time.

mom is doing very well – she told us girls how to make everything and even stuffed the stuffing herself. watching her gobble down turkey & gravy today really makes me realize what is important, what i am truly thankful for. on a side note, her last treatment is set for nov 30th. these past 6 weeks have felt like months!!

silly monkey is such a joy these days. he’s almost crawling, babbling constantly, and has been teething again for the past week or so. baby proofing turned out to be a bit more difficult than i anticipated, and while gates are up and outlets are covered, i haven’t quite figured out how to install those pesky drawer latches. i suppose i’ll get it one day soon.

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