Posted on November 25, 2006


today was a pretty relaxing day, if relaxing includes cleaning, grocery shopping & cooking.

but first, please allow me to “dork-out” for a moment. an old friend came to visit on his way back home to MD. we had sushi, conversation & i was given the keys to a fabulous bmw 5-series. coolest car ever!!! while i love my car, after driving that beautiful bmw, i was a bit sad to hop into the honda. haha.

back to reality.  matt & i took silly monkey to Kroger (in between football games) to stock the house for another week or so. silly monkey does so well when we’re out. he sat up front in the cart, like a big boy, and played with a tupperware lid the entire time. he fussed to be carried for the last 5-10 mins, but really was a quiet boy. and don’t worry… we covered the cart in a blanket – those things are filthy!

i stopped by joshua’s new place after silly monkey went down, to visit with him and mom for a bit. i know mom’s sad about joshua leaving home, but it was time for him to find his own way. she does like visiting him, though. she even helped him clean up the microwave we donated.

i also stopped at sam’s club for baby wipes (who no longer has the cheap 900 pack) and marshall’s to grab a grocery cart cover & some pjs (size 9-12 months!). gotta love buying in bulk – it’s the only way to really get diapers & wipes (which i think should both be free!).

and a reminder to anyone who cares, my birthday is next saturday!!

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