Posted on December 3, 2006


silly monkey had his photos taken today by a family friend and music video director ( i think we ended up with about 75 photos and about 20 minutes of video footage. if all turns out well, we’ll be sending out some really cute holiday cards & such. he was a bit tired while we took photos and a bit restless when we took the video, but i’m confident that everything will be fabulous.

during our photo shoot, i was handed an envelope that came to the bracelets for betty po box. upon opening it, i almost fainted. an amazingly generous person(s) made an amazingly generous donation to mom’s fundraiser. there are good people out there and thank you so much to the person(s) who sent this contribution. please know how much this is appreciated!

on a side note, bracelets for betty is ready for the holidays. if you haven’t checked out the “holiday cheer” bracelet, please do. it is adorable, if i say so myself!!

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