Posted on December 6, 2006


we have had several “firsts” these past few days…

friday 12/01 – silly monkey showed us he can go from flat on his back to sitting like a champ. he does it over & over & over & over & over…

sunday 12/03 – silly monkey started crawling, backwards, but crawling nonetheless. it’s adorable to watch him back himself into a corner and still try to keep going. silly boy!

TODAY tuesday 12/06 @ 611pm – i found silly monkey’s first 2 teeth – the bottom 2, in the front! he’s been teething terribly (again) for the past 2 weeks. those teeth definitely weren’t there this morning, but when i gave him a “sweet potato puff” this evening, my finger rubbed against something sharp. low & behold… TEETH. 2 perfect little teeth!! i, of course, called matt to share the exciting news. he requested a photo, but how do you photograph the inside of a 7 month-old’s mouth?!!

he is growing up so fast. it feels like just yesterday that i was completely sleep deprived b/c he wouldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time. it seems like it wasn’t that long ago when i packed away his newborn clothes and pulled out 0-3 month outfits. how things change!

so that’s where we are today. we have an adorable child with a slightly smaller bald spot and 2 new teeth. maybe santa will bring us a cute little toothbrush for christmas!

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