Posted on December 12, 2006


we spent saturday afternoon with great-gramps & the family for great-gramps’ 80th birthday! silly monkey has a great time with christopher, hailey & grace who entertained him and fed him. he tried a few new things: cornbread (yuck), bake dinner roll (not so much), cold mashed taters (ick) and had a few regular things: apple juice (yum), sweet potato puffs (tasty).

it was nice to see everyone together. silly monkey also got up close with chloe and he seemed a bit confused, then tried to grab her. we’re working on “be gentle”.sunday, we picked out a christmas tree for mom’s house. who knew there were so many options – pine, spruce, fir… i thought they were all the same – green & prickly. we picked a canaan fir (which is quite soft & non-prickly) and toted it back to mom’s. the thing is about 8′ and super full. it really is beautiful. silly monkey seemed confused as to why there was a tree in the house. i think it scares him. he gets close and then cries. we need to decorate it to make it seem more friendly.

the next 2 weeks are going to be full. mom’s birthday is saturday, then we have some family fesitivies in the week before christmas. this is an exciting and sad year. everything is so different. we’ve counted all our blessings more than a few times.

if we don’t post again until after the holiday, be assured that there will be a ton of photos! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKAH, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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