Posted on December 20, 2006


well, i did it. i cut my hair. actually, i chopped 8.5″ off.

saturday was mom’s bday and the kids took her to genji. she LOVES that place. i LOVE that place. too bad matt HATES that place. he even vetoed it for my bday. after genji, we went back to mom’s for bday cake. it’s so great to share these special days with her. here’s to many, many more celebrations!!!

sunday, silly monkey & i joined joshua over at bubbie’s for hanukkah festivities. sara, steve, rachel, becca & corey were also there to partake in potato latkas and conversation. silly monkey also made out like a bandit. he got a cool basketball hoop/football post/tee ball combo and some neato animals that make weird noises. of course, he was much more interested in the wrapping. i’ll post photos once i get my hands on some (i forgot to bring my camera).

speaking of silly monkey, he is now moving forward with his crawling. it’s more like forward, forward… launch…face first… into the carpet. OUCH. he’s earned his nickname “bruiser” and has the rug burn on his nose to prove it. mom is really upset about it, but just can’t help singing “rudolph the red nosed reindeer”! poor baby boy!

things have been very busy. with last minute shopping, office parties/luncheons, year-end paperwork, we’re all exhausted. i think it’s naptime.


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