Posted on December 25, 2006


such a wonderful day! christmas in our household has always been a full day of fun. now that we’ve added the boys (silly monkey & matt), it’s an even bigger time of year. first though, we spent the eve over at michael & barb’s. eric, brandy & christopher also joined us for the festivities. we had dinner, opened gifts and shared lots of laughter. silly monkey got a baby grand piano that he immediately had to play with. he sort of pushed aside the other toys he couldn’t bang on so he could bang on the piano.

monday morning, we headed over to mom’s for the gift exchange and dinner. mmmm… honeybaked ham. silly monkey had approx 8 gifts for every 1 for everyone else. he got a new train, lots of toy animals, a few dvds, some clothes, a new ball, maracas, a high chair, and more! he is such the spoiled boy.

at about 6pm, matt went home and we tried to call it a day, but headed over to hilma’s for a quick visit instead. we snacked on all of her yummy baked goods and silly monkey got a week’s worth of carrying by doug, keith & justin. then we really called it a day and headed home for some rest.

it was a GREAT day. probably the best christmas i’ve ever had. why? because i got to share it with my family and some of my favorite people. because it was my first christmas as a mommy. because my mom smiled the whole day. because it really is about giving and make others happy.

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