Posted on January 20, 2007


it’s been quite a while since we’ve updated, so we’re just going to do this in a time-line format today…

December 31, 2006 – matt & i spent some alone time together to ring in the new year while matt’s parents played with silly monkey for the evening.

January 1, 2007 – after joining the matt’s parents for a french toast breakfast, matt headed home and me & silly monkey spent new year’s day with my mom. we had dinner & took a bunch of photos. it was a good day.

January 2, 2007 – silly monkey pulls himself up to stand! today was an exciting day. little bruiser does it like a pro, not to mention EVERYWHERE!

January 12, 2007 – took mom to the James Cancer Hospital at OSU. she saw a great new neuro-oncologist and there ARE options, though we were previously told there weren’t any. we are exploring “gamma knife” radiation and 2 different types of chemo. one is Avastin, which is a drug i have been reading about for months. in fact, i had asked her old oncologist about it and he pretty much acted like i made it up.

January 19, 2007 – took mom back to the James, where her new neuro-oncologist attempted to aspirate her reservoir. unfortunately, of the 15ccs he wanted to remove, only 1cc actually came out. either her cath is clogged or there is something wrong with the reservoir and it will need replaced. in either case, we will need to wait to have it done, as “new doc” had to call “old yucky doc” for more information on the materials she used to aspirate in november. if we don’t know something by the end of monday, we’ll insist on a flush or replacement by another “new doc”.

and the rest ….

silly monkey has been teething again. not only are his shirts covered in drool after just an hour, he makes a weird crooked smile. i’m guessing it makes him gums feel good to “stretch” them. he also rubs his bottom teeth on his top gums. a few weeks ago, we started “brushing” his teeth, which he really enjoys. he could do it all day if it weren’t so dangerous to just give him the toothbrush.

silly monkey has also become mr. splasher in the tub. i barely have an inch of dry skin on me after i give him a bath. he no longer cares about getting his face wet either, he loves it! it takes all my might to actually get him out of the tub. he just wants to play, even if i’ve already drained out the water.broccoli has been added to his menu and he really likes it. in fact, he shoves so much in his mouth at a time, he gags. silly boy!matt is back from AZ. he was there for 2 weeks and had i been better about updating, you would have known that already. he was on a day shift while out there, so tomorrow will be an adjustment, since he’s going back to nights. poor matt!

i had a nice visit with barb on thursday night. who knew i could talk to so much. i suppose more talking happens when you really have no one to talk to about regular-old day to day stuff (that’s over age one, anyway). it was good to have company. silly monkey showed off, of course. cruising all around the living room and feeding himself some puffs like a big boy.

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