Posted on January 28, 2007


someone told me that burlington coat factory had really good deals on baby clothes. of course, that was a long time ago and i don’t remember who it was. well, it somehow popped into my mind so i decided to take a peek (seeing as though silly monkey has decided to sprout with no prior warning). i will never…. never, ever set foot in that place again. you want reasons? here are 3:
1. as i’m parking, i see several people running to the front of the store. as i’m browsing, i hear a bunch of people discussing a fight. as i’m leaving, i see the store managers with a police officer describing what can only be a “ghetto shoplifting” story, as i hear the words “fubu”, “shoelaces” and “puffy coat”. i’m not sure where the fight comes in and i don’t much care. i high-tail it out of there!

2. as i walk into the store, i notice racks really close together and huge empty spaces. as i get closer, i see that they aren’t empty – they are filled with dirty buckets catching dirty water from dirty leaks in the dirty ceiling. and i’m not talking a few drops – i’m saying these buckets were half full, at best. YUCK!

3. the place is worse than schottenstein’s. at least when you walk into schottenstein’s, the place is semi clean and in semi order. this place? ha! everything was in such disarray, i walked to the baby clothes, turned around and walked (actually high-tailed) it out of the store.

want more reasons? too bad. that should be good enough. i’ll stick to babyGAP, old navy and kohl’s. ahhh… kohl’s. anyone want to go with me?

moving on…

today, i took silly monkey to target to have his 9 month photos taken. yes, i’m one of those mothers that has taken photos almost every 3 months. he had them at 4 weeks, then 4 months, then 7 months and now 9 months. and yes, i wasn’t impressed with target last time, but i chalk that up to trying to fit 7 people into the tiny room at the back of a target store. how great could they be? so, we tried target again since it was just silly monkey‘s adorable face we wanted captured this time.

so how’d it go? let’s see…

1. silly monkey was not happy. he hated the photog. in fact, every time she made a goofy sound, he looked at her, started crying, crawled to me and into my lap. poor baby boy.

2. the photog told me to take silly monkey‘s socks off. i really didn’t want to b/c they are awesome and matched his shirt. however, i obliged b/c i thought she’d do something cute with his bare feet. no such. so after a few clicks, i told her to pause so i could put them back on. arggggh!

3. silly monkey has this new smile. picture his nose scrunched, his mouth off-kilter and open wide, and his eyes squinty. got it? ok. so that’s what we got twice. that’s right. twice. we got 2 goofy smiles. we also got one half-regular smile. and that’s it. the rest… he just looked miserable.

4. as i’m viewing the proofs, silly monkey poops. then he takes his puffs and throws them out of the cart and they spill all over the floor. he wanted milk, so i gave him some while he sat in his poopy diaper so i could finish viewing the photos. then he sat in it a few more minutes while i picked all his puffs off the floor. this was fun.

5. i ordered the 2 best photos and one of the goofy face photos. i’ll get them out to everyone once we get them in (feb 9th).

6. we check out, since i had picked up diapers and dog food while we waited to see our photos and then i dragged silly monkey into the bathroom for a quick diaper change. mind you, this is some 20 minutes after he pooped. nice, huh? it was ok though. it was just a big, hard log. haha. aren’t you glad i shared?

7. we headed home with silly monkey crying the whole way. you see, this whole ordeal took over 2 hours and was now creeping into his nap-time. got home, put silly monkey down, all was quiet for a few hours.

and that’s the end of the target-photo-session saga. hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

tomorrow is another big day. we take my mom to her surgeon to figure out what to do with her reservoir. hopefully, she’ll tap it and we can take mom home. finger’s crossed that she won’t have to be admitted. prayers are appreciated.

more to come. i’ll keep you posted.

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