Posted on February 5, 2007


mom has another surgery scheduled for tomorrow. this marks her 3rd craniotomy in less than 6 months. our hopes are that her neurosurgeon will remove a great deal of fluid from a cyst that is causing havoc in her brain cavity, then replace her defunct reservoir and close her up. then, in a month or so, we’ll start her on the Avastin & CPT11 chemo treatment.

we will be at the hospital all day tomorrow (from about 11am through late evening), as well as most of the following days. we are not sure when mom will be discharged. if anyone needs to get ahold of me, please call my cell.

she’s been doing quite well these past few days. very alert, talking, not sleeping as much as the past few weeks (but still a lot). she is so strong!

today silly monkey wore his “grandma rules” tshirt for her. he might have to wear another cool grandma t-shirt for her tomorrow – you know, for good luck! tonight we’re going to get her favorite fajitas for dinner. anything to keep us all calm & together.

as for silly monkey, he is now a blueberry monster. he loves the things. i just can’t wait until it shows in his diaper. yay for blue poo! haha.

last note – i have a replica “coach” bag that was given to me as a gift. it is quite small and if you know me, i carry everything around with me (including diapers, puffs & wipes) everywhere i go, that i don’t think i’ll use it. if you’d like it, let me know. it’s pretty good quality.

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