Posted on February 6, 2007



the photo shown is one of my favorites. it kinda captures everything i love about my mom. her beauty, her humor, her generosity & her creativity. let me explain…

beauty – duh! can’t you see it?! she is the most adorable little lady i’ve ever met and most who’ve met her also agree.

humor – it doesn’t even show on her face here, but she could always make me laugh just by laughing. i love to tell her exaggerated stories just to hear her laugh. when i was pregnant, i would tell her all of my morning sickness, etc stories and she would just giggle & say – “you’re the crazy one who whined that she’d never get pregnant. you’re the one who wanted to have a baby.” i still hear that in my head.

generosity – she gave. and gave. and gave. when my brother was kind of a brat, she would bribe him with teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures, so i would stop whining about her chaperoning my field trips. you see, he never wanted her to go, i always wanted to go and she always found a way to shut us both up. as we got older, she still gave. and gave. and gave. maybe that’s why she has so little (in way of materials only, of course).

creativity – the poster she’s posing in front of isn’t really a poster. it’s the “pink the pacifier on the baby” print she did for my baby shower. i wasn’t “in the mood” to draw it myself, so she did it. she did it exactly the way an 8.5 months pregnant woman told her to do it (didn’t ask). my mom is an amazing artist. i even have a painting she did in my bedroom. it’s a prized possession and i’ll never let go of it.

my mom is many things. today, i added hero and miracle to that list. she is the strongest woman i know – making it through 3 craniotomies with a smile on her face. i love her. i always will.

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