Posted on February 21, 2007


in honor of our 3-hour hearing with the State of Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, i thought we could have a pop quiz. here we go…

1. when trying to locate a parking spot, after driving through the ghetto, to get to the 5th ave ODJFS center, you should:
a. circle the lot in hope that someone who has been waiting at the center for 10 hours, gets fed up and leaves, then take their spot.
b. park in the farthest spot you can find, so you can be sure that none of the crazies will hit your car with their 1972 pea green boat.
c. locate a spot near a large heap of ice and dirt, squeeze into it beside a huge SUV that made it a point to ignore the “lines”, just so you don’t have to push a wheelchair through the snow/slush/ice.

2. after pushing your loved one 1-mile from your parking spot, to the building, you arrive in the lobby. since you aren’t sure where you should go b/c nobody gave you that information, you:
a. wait in the 10-mile long line at the “information desk”.
b. wait in the 10-mile long line at the “verification desk”.
c. say “excuse me” to the security guard at the front desk, wait a few minutes while he continually ignores you, even though he’s looked at you at least 5 times, then go upstairs hoping that’s where you’re “supposed to go”.

3. once upstairs, you finally realize you are in the right place. you sign in and take a seat in the “waiting area”. as you look around, you see that everyone is on their cell phones, blabbing loudly. you:
a. politely ask the loudies to shut it.
b. impolitely smack the loudies for being so rude.
c. try to ignore the loudies by playing solitaire on your phone, which doesn’t work, so you make a call to talk loudly yourself and drown out the sound of the loudies.

4. after waiting 1 hour for an appointment, then overhearing that all appointments were purposely double-booked and the hearing officer is 2 hours behind, you:
a. grab & shake the hearing officer and ask her why she’s such a moron.
b. grab & shake the idiot you were eavesdropping on and ask her why she’s such a moron.
c. complain quietly, but loud enough for someone to hear you so another hearing officer offers to take one of the backed up cases, thus, allowing your interview to take place within the next 10 minutes.


if you answered “c” to all of the above you win…. a giant comedic pat on the back. all happened and i solved all of my problems by doing the “c’s”. i’m so clever.

moving on…

silly monkey was super sick and is now starting to feel better. he still has some congestion, a slightly runny nose and a barky cough, but his appetite is back and he’s playing like a champ. i realized, the other day, that while he really is only 10 months old, he is now as tall as the playpen and the gates. it freaks me out. it really, really, really freaks me out. what happened to my tiny boy? oh wait. i never really had a tiny boy.

we’ve added cantaloupe to his menu. he LOVES it, which means he takes after me b/c i could eat it all day. matt hates it. hates it. silly monkey also loves olives…just like me. tonight, he had 2 soy meatballs, 2 puppy taters (organic tater tots), 3 broccoli florets, 1 carrot wagonwheel, and a handful of puffs. the boy is a pig.

silly monkey also likes to play “what is gravity”. he throws things off of his tray, onto the floor. i suppose he doesn’t much care when it’s an olive, a blueberry or a puff, but i find it quite funny when he throws off a cookie or wagonwheel. ooops. he only gets one and if it lands on the floor, it’s fair game to the dog. no replacements. poor boy. no more. he sure does express his dismay in this case.

silly monkey has also discovered that things can be under other things. he recently ducked under his crib, chasing after a cat, and couldn’t figure out how to get back out. he kept trying to ram his head into the underside of the crib. it was cute, but the sound was awful. i yanked him out. now, he’ll get on his belly and check out what’s under his highchair and under his playpen. it’s adorable and i just hope to catch it on video soon.

he’s also a champ at standing & cruising. one handed at that. he also stands on his own for about 20 seconds before he plops violently onto his booty. good thing he has that big ol’ diaper to cushion his fall. it won’t be long until he moves those feet and starts running. it’s all so exciting.

i suppose i’ll stop this rambling post now. if you scroll down, you can check out a few new photos (i added them to some previous posts). i really do promise to have new photos up this weekend. there are about 10,000.

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