Posted on February 23, 2007


5 reasons why i LOVE being a mommy to silly monkey (in no particular order and not that there are only 5, b/c there are hundreds, even thousands more)…

1. silly monkey is seriously the most adorable baby i have ever seen and he’s all mine!!! ok, not all mine, but at least half. and in no way am i biased.

2. even though silly monkey was super sick, with a cold & croup, he still finds a way to cram big ol’ carrot wagon wheels into his mouth, taking itty bitty breaths while he crunches away. he also makes sure to hold a second one very tightly, in case the first one somehow falls from his chompers onto the floor – just in case.

3. baby socks always disappear. i bought 10 pairs of the greatest baby socks ever, from babyGAP, and after a week, could only find 4 pairs and 2 separates. why is this great? only b/c it gives me a reason to go back to babyGAP to peruse the sale rack and get more socks. got 10 more pairs the other day. how many pairs can i find now? 8! ha! eat that sock-monster-dryer!!!

4. yesterday, while i was out walking the dog, i got a surprise reverse peeper from the living room window. silly monkey could see me and was smacking the window & smiling. i got all giddy, like a 10th grader in a room full of college boys. it was adorable. he did it for a few minutes, then got bored with me and started banging on his piano. and yes, i can hear the piano from outside.

5. he loves me. he really loves me. and he knows who i am. and he wants me when he’s upset. and i love that he loves me and knows me and wants me.

matt is still sick. i found him on the sofa this morning, tightly clutching a bottle of tylenol pm (ok, so the last part isn’t true, so sue me). poor thing sounds like silly monkey did a week ago, and like i did a few days ago. what goes around, i guess. to give him a break and some time to rest, i carted silly monkey over to michelle and mom’s. michelle is starting to feel better and mom’s pretty alert in the late morning, early afternoon. it’ll be the first day he’s over there all day, since my mom’s last surgery 2 weeks ago. how time goes by. so fast.

speaking of time. in less than 2 months, silly monkey will be 1. we are planning a bash, tentatively, for april 21st (the saturday after). if you can please save-the-date, we’d appreciate it. grandparents that can fly-in would also be great, too!! for those who are already asking for a “silly monkey‘s first birthday wish list”, i haven’t made one yet. mainly b/c i have no idea what he will be playing with in 2 months, or even 1, or even next week – as of late, his toys of choice are: rubber duckies, cups, tupperware lids, remotes, water bottles, diaper rash cream tubes, wipes boxes, lotion bottles, and his bibs. see what i mean? i also have no idea what size he’ll be then. my point? i suppose i’ll get a list together next month and post it somewhere for those who want it.

lastly, this blog now has a “comments” section. oh my!!! you can now comment on my rambling posts, though if i don’t like what you say, i can/will delete you. how’s that for control? ha!

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