Posted on March 3, 2007


silly monkey has joined the ranks of real people… he has a pair of real shoes. these aren’t just any shoes, either. they are adorable little sneakers – white with blue & neon green stripes (not obnoxious) on the sides.

our trip to stride rite today was so much fun. especially for me. anyone who knows me knows how much i LOVE shoes. i’d marry them if i wasn’t already married. i mean, not to get sidetracked or anything, but i really was much more concerned about my wedding shoes than my dress, which now seems silly b/c no one actually saw them until i took them off an hour into the reception. if i could just go back… nope, i’d still be crazy about those shoes. jimmy choo might just be my hero (and for those of you who would like some knowledge that may answer the $1million question on who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire, jimmy choo is really jimmy chow and is malaysian & a devout buddhist – peace, love & shoes).

so, silly monkey now has shoes. of course, he’ll need another pair in a few months and i’ll probably write about those as well. his feet are quite a bit bigger than the average 10.5 month old, but we all know that he’s already taller & heavier than the average 10.5 month old, so why should his feet be any different? and yes, his feet are chunky, too. we picked up the 4.5 wides for his tootsies.

moving on….

mom is back in the hospital. not related to her head (**YAY**), but she’s had a fever for several days and a horrible cough. not being able to control her temp, we thought it best to take her to the ER. her potassium is low, her calcium is low, she has bronchitis and she has an infection on her head, where her surgical incision was. she’s being pumped full of antibiotics, potassium, calcium and her regular meds. we hope to be able to take her home by monday.

this really is all my fault. silly monkey was sick and while we kept him away as much as we could, he did get me & michelle sick. michelle, in turn, got mom sick. such a vicious circle. maybe the next time silly monkey & i get sick, we’ll just rest in a bubble until we’re better. better safe.

on a happy note, we’ll be welcoming in a new member of the family very soon. baby robert alan will be joining us next week. congrats to eunice, chris, grace & jo-ann. it’s all so exciting – though not exciting enough to make me want to do all of that all over again, anytime soon.

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