Posted on March 4, 2007


i picked up a package of the new organic mac & cheese. looked good. it had the yummy noodles we all love, with some super orangey looking cheese on ’em. silly monkey wasn’t a fan of the whole wheat mac & cheese, so i thought “let’s try this”. i opened the package, cooked the noodles, dumped on the cheese. it’s white. doesn’t taste cheesy. i’m very disappointed. silly monkey ate a couple spoonfuls, by hand of course, along with a bunch of olives, some grapes and a few cheerios. the boy has a weird palate. will i buy it again? sure. it’s organic and certainly better than the whole wheat variety.

joshua came to watch silly monkey while i went to the hospital today. sat with mom, who’s doing much better, for an hour or so, then came home. the second i walked into the house, i saw silly monkey with poo coming out of his pants. nice. strange that the poo didn’t smell though. that’s usually the giveaway to needing a new diaper. so i rolled his shirt up, took it off, then threw him in the bath where silly monkey proceeded to splash me into oblivion. who knew poo could end up being so fun?

bubbie also came for a visit today. this is the first time she’s seen silly monkey crawling. the last time she saw him, he was still scooting backwards. seems like so long ago, but it really isn’t.

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