Posted on March 5, 2007


i want another baby.
i want another baby.
i want another baby.

ok. so i’m sort of lying. i do want another baby, just not any time soon. why do i even bring this up? perhaps it’s b/c babies are everywhere around me. everyone is having babies. it’s strange.

today, silly monkey & i went to visit shelley and baby emilia. she is just so tiny. i don’t remember silly monkey ever being that tiny. maybe it’s b/c silly monkey never was that tiny. emilia was 7#, 15oz when she was born and at 2 weeks, she’s 8#. silly monkeywas 8#, 6oz at birth and 2 weeks later he was about the same. you wouldn’t think that 1/2 pound would make a difference, but on such a tiny being, it’s HUGE. silly monkey was 23# at his 9 month visit, and i feel every single pound of him when i have to carry him around. who knew i’d have a bad back at 27. eeek.

shelley & emilia are so cute to watch. i was so happy to answer the questions that i asked not so long ago. in my almost 11months as a mommy, i really have learned a lot.

here are some things i’ve learned to never do:

* never give a baby ice cream or frosting. he’ll just want more, more, more and will scream, cry, kick & hit to get more. oops.

* never let a baby hold your cell phone. he’ll just bang it on the floor until the stylus flies out of the holder, never to be found again.

* never let a baby near a basket of folded laundry. he’ll just pull everything out, unfold it, and scatter socks around for the dog to eat.

* never leave your coupons in the cart next to a baby. he’ll just throw them all over the floor, in the middle of the cereal aisle. then he’ll scream b/c he wants them back.

silly monkey really is one of best things that has ever happened to me. i say “one of” b/c i do have matt and i’d hate for him to cry and feel left out. they are my boys & i LOVE my boys. my boys are amazingly important to me and i would be lost without them.

so, getting back to baby emilia… she made me miss some of the little baby things silly monkeyused to do – like nothing. i used to be able to leave him in the middle of the living room, on a blanket, with one toy and vacuum around him. now, if i try to vacuum around him, he runs after the vacuum and pulls the cord out of the wall. i used to be able to plop him in his swing and let him nap while i watched my soaps. now, if i turn on my soaps, he’ll go up to the tv & turn the volume all the way up, then smack a toy on my feet. i used to be able to cuddle up with him on the sofa and take a cat nap. now, snuggling is nonexistent – he just smacks me until i put him down. however….. now, we play hide-n-seek, we dance while i sing silly songs, and we play piano together. i’d never trade a single thing (except maybe the colic) b/c they were all wonderful, even when they were bad, and they’re just getting better. i wish all of this for shelley.

moving on…

mom finally got to go home. we found out that she has some liver damage, due to her fabulous anti-seizure meds, but they’ve been switched so we hope for some improvement. she’s doing much better and she’ll hopefully be cleared to start chemo very soon.

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