Posted on March 7, 2007


silly monkey walks. like frankenstein. while i hold one hand. yep, that’s right, ONE hand. even matt was pretty surprised, he did a little happy clap. cute. of course, when you hold just one hand, silly monkey starts walking forward then starts to curve around you and goes in a circle. makes sense. the poor boy has no sense of direction. he must be his mommy’s boy. i love it. i love it. i love it. it just gets better every day.

yesterday, joshua hung out with silly monkey until i got home from work. mom didn’t want to see us b/c she is still a little under the weather & wants her cough to go away first. too bad though, matt’s dropping him off with her in a few hours. anyway, last night i made a dinner that no one ate, who knew pork was such a turn-off? at least matt will eat the leftovers. i also sent some soup to michelle – matzoh yummy. silly monkey had (are you ready for it?) – mac & cheese, olives, grapes, graham crackers, cheese and a scoop of mashed potatoes. the boy is such a pig. not even 2 hours later, he also wanted a bottle. i guess that’s what happens when you have such a tiny tummy.

this morning i got an email newsletter from some baby website. it said “your baby is now 46 weeks old” – what the heck!!! i thought i was done counting in weeks when i was done being pregnant. in any case…. 46 weeks. this means silly monkey has been with us, on earth, for 8 weeks longer than i incubated him. isn’t that amazing?! so amazing. like i said. i love it. i love it. i love it. it just gets better every day.

moving on…

i’m trying to get my ducks in a row to plan silly monkey’s first birthday party. i can’t find decently priced backyardigans party gear, so if any of you do see some, let me know. oh, it’s going to be a backyardigan’s theme – i think. silly monkey loves them. if you don’t know them, learn about them and you will fall in love, too. though, if you do check them out, try to figure out what uniqua is – i’m still working on that. ok, back to the party… it will probably be at mom’s, just so she can be as comfy as possible. i’ll get details to everyone as soon as i have them. only 6 more weeks til silly monkey is 1. can you believe it? oh my, i was just counting in weeks. i guess it never ends.