Posted on March 10, 2007


it’s 1am and i’m blogging. that can only mean one thing… i stayed up way too late cleaning. ugh. we have inspectors coming to check out the condo and repair/schedule repairs for lots of things. i’m especially annoyed about the poor noise proofing, so you betcha there’ll be some loudness in my voice when they tell me they can’t do anything about it. wait, is “there’ll” a word? so, i’ve been cleaning (with breaks) for the past several hours and so far it looks exactly like it did several hours ago, just less dusty and a little more organized. at least the dishes are done.

so, we’ve switched blogging platforms and are going with a bit more sophisticated system. this way, i can add more photos and put them wherever i want them. you can also post comments – just click on “comments” at the end of a post to leave your thoughts. i never did get the comments to work on the other platform, so anyway, comment away.

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