Posted on March 13, 2007


ok. so we get it. silly monkey doesn’t look a whole lot like matt and looks exactly like i did when i was his age. in fact, i’d be hard pressed to be able to tell a difference if photos were compared – though, most of mine have funny 70’s toys and electronics.

silly monkey certainly does look a lot like me. he’s moody like me. he’s loud like me. he’s goofy like me. he loves olives like me.

silly monkey also has ashy knees, just like matt – but, does it really matter? silly monkey is super adorable and has great taste.

moving on…

so i figured out how to use this blogger thing. i suppose, for now, i can be considered a “blogging professional” – as per yahoo. i am happy that i can use more than one photo, though it really just means i have to take a ton more. happy to oblige.

i also need to get my booty in gear and start planning silly monkey‘s birthday party. with everything going on with my mom, etc, lots of stuff has gotten pushed aside. i cannot let silly monkey’s first birthday get pushed aside. just not fair. i guess the first step would be ordering invitations. yes. order invitations.

mom is doing super well. michelle said she was up at 7am today and made her own breakfast!! leggo my eggo!! she’s driving everyone nuts b/c she’s feeling well enough to get out and about, but can’t do things on her own – she’s going stir crazy. i told her to think about some things she’d like to do and we’ll do them. today, she has a follow up with her regular doc for her bronchitis, etc. thursday, she has a follow up mri and we’ll discuss when to start the new chemo. things seem to be moving and it’s very exciting.

also exciting? silly monkey took a few steps yesterday. he has to start out by holding onto something, like the sofa or the side of the playpen. then he’ll let go, take a step and then lunge forward into the sofa (or side of the playpen). it really is only a matter of time before he starts walking on his own. and then… i really won’t be able to snuggle with my baby bruiser. boo hoo. yay!

silly monkey doesn’t have a baby blanket or a “lovey”. he does, however, have a remote. that’s right folks, this whole remote thing that started out cute is turning into a headache. and he knows which one is his, too. he throws a fit if you take it away – unless, of course, he’s eating, and then by all means, i may temporarily hold it for safekeeping. my child is weird.

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