Posted on March 15, 2007


i hate taxes. i hate them so much that i scheduled my wedding around them. i also scheduled the birth of my child around them. why? b/c i needed something to be happy about around the time i have to come to grips with the fact that the government is shafting me! this whole “marriage penalty” is really grating on my nerves – being taxed 20% more than a singleton, to what…deal with a messy husband? SO unneccesary. am i not already penalized enough? ugh.

moving on…

today was a good day. after we got past the MISSING remote (oh my – it was wedged between a crib leg & the wall) & the no sippy cup tantrum this AM, things got better & better. oh wait, i had to go to work, so scratch that. all was well AFTER i left the office. ok, much better. so…

joshua, silly monkey & i took mom to kroger to grab a few things for dinner. by the time we were done it was 6pm and we were all starving and didn’t want to wait to actually make something, so we went to applebee’s. mom wanted to go there b/c she LOVES spinach & artichoke dip – so much in fact, she ate more than half of it by herself!!! she also had a steak, shrimp, mashed taters, broccoli & garlic bread. i think it’s safe to say she has her appetite back. we had a brief annoyance when silly monkey threw a fit in the restaurant, but i allowed this one b/c by this time, my water had gotten his pants wet (yep, he likes to drink ice water WITH lemon, right out of my glass) and he was super tired. joshua took him to the car & mom & i made our way out a few minutes later. here are some fun things that happened at dinner…

* while waiting for a table, a funny old man with a white mustache (not gramps), starting playing peek-a-boo with silly monkey. silly monkey looked at me several times, as if to say, “this man is a wacko” and mom nudged me to move him closer to her. i obliged.

* while waiting to order, silly monkey decided to eat the drink menu. is this a sign of things to come?! oh boy.

* i got silly monkey some french fries b/c he usually likes them. this case was no different. at least 2-3 were in his mouth at a time. the ones that tasted “funny” were spit into his lap. fun.

* during our meal, the funny old man with a white mustache (not gramps) stopped to say byebye to silly monkey. after we waved goodbye, mom’s leaned in & said – “you make sure he’s in there tight. i need him to be safe”. i love it that she’s lucid enough to be so concerned!

* mom & i made it out to the parking lot, only to be stopped by another funny old man, this time with no mustache (definitely not gramps). he was begging for cash b/c he couldn’t get enough out of the atm to buy something for his car (dude, use your debit card at autozone). since i’m nice like that, i checked my purse for some bills, but alas, none there b/c matt hasn’t given me my much deserved allowance. he went on his less-than-merry way. when we reached the car, mom said “don’t ever do that again. you don’t know who he is.” i told her i didn’t really do anything and she again told me to “never do that again.”

while we’re on the topic of mom, she starts her new round of chemo treatments next week. if you’re interested in learning more, you can google “avastin” and “cpt11”. i’ve read wonderful things about these drugs & you will, too. 50% of all patients, with brain tumors, treated with avastin have a significant tumor reduction. some even disappear altogether. i am very hopeful.

i’ve decided to end today’s post with some humor…

silly monkey has discovered something new. his penis. it’s quite entertaining to watch. during diaper changes – whoa! at bathtime – neato! he grabs it, mashes it, squishes it. ha! i guess i better laugh now, b/c when he’s a teenager, it really won’t be funny.

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