Posted on March 19, 2007


friday night, matt & i watched “the prestige”. do watch it. it’s amazing. and if i say it’s amazing, it probably is b/c i like a total of about 15 movies. seriously. no, seriously. plus, christian bale is in it & he’s hot even without a few fingers. yum. oh & scarlett johanson is in it, too. *yawn*

we had a good weekend. saturday, i spent an hour or so doing michelle & mom’s taxes. they’re single so they actually get refunds. **cry me a river** i spent a good part of the day with mom and it was really nice. she’s gotten to the point where she knows what she wants & tells us, so sometimes it’s great, other times… well, not so great. her new thing is that she wants her head to be clean shaven, like mr. clean. hmmm… how about, no?!

saturday night, matt & i got ready for a major scarefest and watched “the grudge 2”. now, i hated the first grudge movie & matt loved it so, that he was spooked for weeks after watching it. i would purposely make the gurgley noise late at night, just to freak him out. i didn’t have high hopes for this sequel and boy was i in for a surprise – it was worse than i could have ever imagined. poo on this movie. watch the “ju-on” series. it’s the japanese (and original) grudge series. they are so much better, even when you have to read those tiny little subtitles. sooooo much better.

matt & i decided that it would be nice to have a real “date”, so auntie hilma & uncle doug spent a few hours with the fabulous silly monkey while we went to lunch & a movie. did you know applebees has an unlimited soup & salad menu? awesome! and they aren’t droppy little side salads either – they have an oriental chicken salad, a greek salad, a fried chicken salad & more. and for only $5.99. hey wait, i should delete that. that’s free advertising.

ok, moving on…

we also decided to see “zodiac”. i’ve always been very curious about the psychological aspect of serial killers – don’t freak, i’m not crazy – i just don’t quite understand how the human mind works. i would have loved to be a forensic investigator or criminal psychologist, i even looked into in early in college, but i just don’t have the stomach for it. anyway, this movie was about – what else? – the zodiac killer. while it was interesting, it was 3 hours long. by the time we got to what we thought was the middle of the movie, the 2 diet pepsi’s i had at lunch kicked in. since i assumed the movie would be over in 45-60 mins, i held it…. for 2 more hours!!! why didn’t i just get up and go? well, for the same reason matt didn’t, we didn’t want to miss anything climactic. when the movie ended, matt said “if i knew they weren’t going to catch anyone, i would have just gotten up and gone”, to which i replied “don’t you know anything about the zodiac case? it’s still unsolved.” we determined that this was not a good “date movie” and went home. popcorn was good though.

the rest of the weekend, or what was left of it, was a blur. we got home after 8pm (thanks to the 3 HOUR MOVIE!!), put silly monkey down and went to bed ourselves. it was a busy few days, but nice. dating your spouse is fun. i think we’ll do it more often.

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