Posted on March 23, 2007


mom is doing exceptionally well. this morning, i stopped in to see her before i headed to that hole i call my office. she was alert and working with a speech therapist. i filled in a few blanks and mom answered 99% of her questions correctly. she still has some trouble with numbers, but that’s ok for now.

she may get to come home today & she’s super excited about it. she hates that place. we all hate that place. it smells funny and the floors are sticky. it’s always either too cold or too hot. the blankets are rough. ahhhh. home.

moving on…

silly monkey is such a riot. he’s loud & obnoxious, spoiled & bratty, whiny & needy, but he’s mine and i love it. he eats pancakes and olives at almost every meal. why? b/c he wants to, wait, i want to, wait…whatever, let the boy have panCAKEs! if he doesn’t like something (ie. chicken & carrot ravioli gerber graduates), he doesn’t just spit it out, he throws it on the floor. he always wants what i’m drinking or eating, whether it be water with lemon or artichoke tortellini – and you know what? he gets it. why? b/c he is loud & obnoxious, spoiled & bratty, whiny & needy.

yesterday, silly monkey took more than 2 steps. it was so exciting to watch. he really wanted to get to wisper (to lay on him and pull his ears), so he…

*stood…took 2 steps…stumbled backwards, but stayed upright…took 2 steps…plunked himself roughly onto his booty…crawled to wisper…yanked on wisper’s tail*

one of these days, he is just going to get up and go.

this morning was a morning of firsts. i got silly monkey up, diaper changed, dressed, shoes on, coat on & out the door, in the rain, with the umbrella without screaming, fussing, crying, shoe throwing, umbrella yanking fun. it was a good morning.

then i got to work. ugh.

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