Posted on March 30, 2007


some end of week randomness…

* silly monkey can climb up the stairs (with me very, very close behind)!  neatest thing i’ve seen in days!

* the lady at wendy’s, yesterday, didn’t put the lid to my drink on properly.  ice tea.  looks like pee.  all over my work pants.  awesome.

* a fire truck zipped down to the end of our street (a dead end) and then proceeded to reverse out.  for 10 minutes.  super cool.

* i squirted mom’s curtains with a saline syringe.  oops.  joshua squirted the ceiling.  double oops.  he also leaked half a bag of antibiotics on the carpet. triple oops.

* mom has critters in her attic.  or birds.  or screachy aliens.

* zoomed around the loop at blacklick with michelle.  can no longer blame baby for belly. 

* matt made grilled cheese for dinner last night.  with light bread.  and margarine.  and  half a piece of cheese.  super yum.