Posted on April 2, 2007


such a great weekend!

mom & i spent some qt together on saturday.  we went shopping, had lunch at ruby tuesday (home of the super awesome turkey burger), stopped at starbucks for some treats and then headed home.  she did so great and we had wonderful conversation.  it reminded me of the old days – we even ordered the exact same food we both used to get there.  i loved it! 

highlights of our day:

* zooming through old navy with mom’s wheelchair – everyone moved out of out way with quickness!  it rocked!

* finding silly monkey the camo rain coat i’ve been eyeing… for 30% off!  yay!

* picking out 6 different treats at starbucks – coffee cake, marble cake, brownie, carmel chocolate pretzel, peppermint mocha frap (decaf, of course) and madelines – all b/c mom couldn’t decide on one. 

* after grabbing all of the treats, mom says, “you aren’t having any dessert?” and i reply, “can’t, gotta get rid of this belly.”

after i dropped mom off, i got a bit teary.  saturday was like a normal day, one i’ve been wishing for.  it was one of the best days i’ve had in such a long, long time.

the rest of the weekend rushed by.  matt and i gathered on the couch saturday night and i watched “the producers” (matt fell asleep less than 15 mins in).  i don’t suggest this movie.  it was cute & kitschy, but will ferrell ruined it and i wasn’t very fond of the ending.  oh well, so much for musicals made into movies. 

sunday was exciting b/c silly monkey took 6 HUGE steps.  i freaked!  any day now, any day now.

tonight, silly monkey & i are headed to bubbie’s for passover dinner.  i know silly monkey will eat matzoh and matzoh ball soup, but i wonder if he’ll like gefilte fish.  i only like it b/c i’ve been eating since i was a kid.  matt almost vomited up an entire week’s worth of meals after he tried it.  bets on who silly monkey will follow?

that’s all for now…