Posted on April 3, 2007


have you seen the movie “the money pit”? if not, go rent it. it’s the cheesiest thing you’ll ever watch. i mean, seriously, it stars shelley long & tom hanks at the height of their careers. oscar worthy performances. ok, so maybe not. but it is super funny and makes me think of our house. it’s not exactly a “money pit” in the sense that it’s a piece of junk. however, with all the things i really want to do to it, i’d need a pit FULL of money to get it all done.

* paint EVERYTHING (and not all the same color, that defeats the purpose), which would then require… coordinating furniture and area rugs, which means… we need to rip out the carpet & put in hard wood floors (or pergo – the better for silly monkey to not scratch up with his toys). crown molding would then be necessary.

* ceiling fans in every room. we’re already wired for it, so why not do it? oh, that’s right. our pit FULL of money is EMPTY. boo.

* replace all light fixtures. seriously, a woman did not design or pick out anything in this place. if she had, the lights wouldn’t be those annoying dome covers that you have to unscrew, while balancing on your tip-toes, on a chair, just to get 3 screws out to change the bulb. rinse, repeat, dome back up. yuck.

* swap sinks and faucet. nothing fits in it. it’s the shallowest (is that a word?) sink i have ever met in my life. and the faucet is annoying. it doesn’t stick out far enough to do anything it should. i have to tilt the pot under it just to fill it with water. we don’t even have a sprayer. who doesn’t have a sprayer these days? ugh.

ok, so these things aren’t really that impossible or unattainable. however, right now they are. considering our money pit is dry. someone told me babies will do that to the money pit. i now believe them.

all said, i do love this place. A LOT! it’s our very own. it’s our first. it’s adorable and actually quite spacious. it has bunches of bathrooms and room for matt’s weights (out of plain sight). it just needs more love. LOTS & LOTS of love. as does our pit with no money. ha!

but, this can all wait. there are more important things to worry about, love & take care of. i’m sure you all know exactly what i mean.

moving on…

silly monkey has sort of swapped out his “mr. remote” – for what you ask? a blanket? NOPE. a stuffed pooh bear? NAH. a toy car? EHEH. how about… A CAT BALL?! yes, a cat ball. a plastic (green or pink, either is ok for him) ball with small holes/sections in it, and a large bell in the center. i can’t really figure out whether this is better or worse than mr. remote.

currently, mr. remote is on the living room floor & a cat ball is in silly monkey‘s hand, curled under him, as he sleeps. i highly doubt this switch will stick. i have faith that mr. remote will make a full recovery in the days to come.

my child is awesome!!!! super awesome!!!!! i can’t wait to embarrass him when i tell these stories to his friends. he’s gonna love me!

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