Posted on April 3, 2007


last night, we attended silly monkey ‘s first passover dinner at bubbie’s house.  i say “passover dinner” b/c i think silly monkey may have been alive last passover, but we didn’t have a chance to celebrate it – too much crying & sleeping (silly monkey, not me).

silly monkey had a grand time – meeting him great uncle jimmy & great aunt bevie for the first time.  jim scared him to tears, but after 20 mins or so, the 2 became fast friends and played a mish mash of hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo.

silly monkey LOVES his great aunt sara.  must be all that crazy, curly, red hair.  and glasses.  we ALL know silly monkey is a fan of glasses.  grabbing them & breaking them is probably one of his top hobbies. silly monkey had lots of fun with sara – upside down, all around.

after all of the excitement of the passover service & dinner, silly monkey had a little down time with bubbie.  we really don’t see her often enough.

he also hung out with uncle joshua.  the 2 of them are a force to reckon with.

and then there was me.  excited b/c silly monkey is almost walking.  excited b/c he stayed clean during dinner.  excited b/c he only screamed 3 times during the service.  excited b/c my baby boy is going to be 1 in 2 weeks.

oh my.
1 year old?
2 weeks?
where does the time go?
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