Posted on April 4, 2007


breaking news…

we have a walker!
silly monkey is a walker!
he walks!
like frankenstein, only so much cuter!
silly monkeywalks!
HE’S WALKING!!!!!!!!

phewwwwww…ok, now that i have contained myself… silly monkey is officially walking. i say officially b/c as of previous, the most he took were 6 steps at a time, and that was pretty rare. but today, he beat that by a crazy amount.    

close your eyes & imagine this:  our sofa, to the tv OR our front window, to the sofa – that’s how far silly monkey walks now! and he’ll get up and do it over & over again. he can’t quite get from sitting to standing to walking, so it’s a slower process. but once he takes off… HOLY COW!



oh no… what are we in for now?! 

i got a bit emotional today. i wasn’t exactly home when silly monkey took this big ‘ol leap. matt taped it & showed me while i attempted to cut up some chicken for dinner (i don’t suggest holding a large knife while watching your child do something exciting – just NOT safe). i watched as silly monkey got up, took what seemed like 20 steps and then sat – about 10 times. i started crying. i felt so…mixed. while i did get to see his first step, his first 2 steps, his first 6 steps, i didn’t see this firsthand, the first time (though i’ve seen it about 20 times since). i suppose i’ve been lucky so far. i haven’t missed anything special – i’ve seen the first poo, the first smile, the first solids, the first rolling, the first sitting, the first crawling, the first standing, the first cruising, the first step…and so much more. i just don’t want to miss a single thing silly monkey does. it kills me to know that no matter what i want, no matter what i do, i will probably be missing a whole lot of these types moments. but as i am constantly reminded, this is the reality of our world. a woman never really gets exactly what she really wants – even when she’s sure to be the best moody girl in the world. ugh.

UPDATE:  with all of the walking excitement, i forgot to mention that silly monkey’s top left tooth finally busted through.  it was a rough few days – swollen gums, bottle biting, not eating much – but, we made it!  



walking and a new tooth.  this is just so awesome!!!