Posted on April 11, 2007


i read on a super hilarious blog (amalah) that while she has a baby boy, the writer really wanted a girl – really, really wanted a girl. she goes on to say how awful she felt until the moment her baby boy was born. from then on, she wasn’t even thinking about a girl.

i also read in a magazine, an article titled “the daughter i never had”. in it, the writer chronicled her last few years as a mother to 2 boys. and of course, she says she LOVES her boys, but still wishes for a girl.

so it makes me think…

I WANTED A BOY! I KNEW I WAS HAVING A BOY! I WAS SUPER EXCITED (and still am). In fact, if we have another baby (maybe), and that baby is a boy – SUPER EXCITED ME will still exist. why? b/c boys are rough and tumble and i love to be rough & tumble with my baby boy.

that’s not to say that i wouldn’t be full of joy if we eventually had a girl. i’m just saying…

1. we wouldn’t have to buy a single thing for a new baby boy – no clothes, no toys, no bedding, etc (ok, so we would have to buy diapers, duh, but whatever)

2. we know how to handle a boy. we know how to handle a colicky boy. we know how to handle a moody boy.

3. i would NEVER have to share my clothes, shoes or purses with a boy (ok, never say never, but i’m pretty sure i won’t).

4. matt would have 2 video game playmates & would never have to play “barbie goes to the disco” on the playstation.

5. i would have 2 boys to say “mama” first. ha! yep, i’m still rubbing that one in!

of course, it would be cute to pick out all of the girly pink outfits and put bows in her non-existent hair. but, nothing (and i mean NOTHING) beats rolling around on the floor with a baby boy. it would be pretty tough to beat how great it is to have my boy, my silly monkey!

moving on…

silly monkey is such a walker. up & down, feet to knees, knees to booty. it’s just awesome (for reasons why, see above – ha!).

oh & he LOVES this rolling laundry basket. he pushes it all over the living room (don’t ask me why it’s in the living room). matt puts him in it & makes him FLY around. it’s cute. he makes airplane noises. matt. not silly monkey.

and now it’s time for hump day lightning round…

* where can i find pants that fit the waist of a 1 year old, who’s the height of a 18 month old? he is just so lean! go figure. super chub (or as michael used to call him “hunka, chunka monkey meat”) has really slimmed down! must be all that crawling/cruising/walking/screeching.

* my mom is back in the hospital, but feeling OK. her docs are just trying to figure out why she has a fever and weakness in her legs. the petechiae are also a bit concerning.

* what’s with the hail? wasn’t it like 80 degrees like a week ago? isn’t it spring? hasn’t it been spring for a month now? why does ohio suck?

* is it lazy of me not to want to make a birthday cake for silly monkey’s party? i mean, i’m going to make mini cheesecakes, so isn’t it fair that a bakery just does the cake for me? i certainly think so.

* i still haven’t finished our taxes.  we still have about a week, right?

* matt and i celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 16th. this time we’ll have the opportunity to actually “celebrate” b/c i won’t be in labor. yay! wine. yummy. wine.

i suppose that’s all for now. byebye.