Posted on April 17, 2007


silly monkey is one. one year old. and i’m feeling every bit one year older. and i’m loving it. so did the birthday boy…

we started this morning with big smiles, 9 (mini) pancakes with blueberry preserves and some pears.

then we played. a lot. i headed out to work, but matt stayed with him today. apparently, he walked back & forth for over 10 minutes, tired himself out and took a 3 hour nap.

after nap #2 (20 minutes, booo), we opened some gifts from great auntie sue (among other things, a super cool airplane that i couldn’t quite get of the box, so matt will have to) and zada & grammy kim (among other things, a neato wooden puzzle).

he fell in LOVE with this puzzle. something about the big wooden knobby things. the circle seems to be his favorite. tastes good, as it was in his mouth most of the evening.

we then headed over to mom’s for a mini celebration with a mini cake. seriously, the cake was 4″. adorable.

aftersilly monkey opened the bath-time pirate ship, with little backyardigans toys (pablo & uniqua), that uncle joshua brought for him, we had cake…

yum. first. ever. cake. yum.

and that was our night. we got home at about 845pm and silly monkey went straight to sleep. i wonder when all that sugar is going to kick in. who wants to bet that i’m not getting a full night’s sleep tonight?!

so silly monkey is one. and i have made a new list of things to do asap.

* get his birth certificate. i know. i know. i’m horrible.

* open his college fund account. it’s not like i work for an investment firm or anything. don’t i get a break? i mean seriously, what can happen to the money stashed under the mattress?

* pack away all of his too small clothes & too “baby” toys. i did actually do SOME of this a few months ago, but the boy grows fast.

* donate all of his ugly clothes to the kidney foundation. donations were a huge write off for us this past year, so we’ll do it again. make sure it all goes to those who need it. all the ugly stuff anyway.

* stock up on cheerios. we’re almost out. i will probably rue the day we actually do run out. i might never be the same.

so there you have it. silly monkey is one. one year old.