Posted on April 21, 2007


let me start off by saying that…

1. i did not pick blue cake icing as an adult “revenge”. although, seeing everyone with blue lips & teeth was quite entertaining.

2. i did not purposely forget to get ice cream. thank goodness for uncle joshua.

today was so much fun. thank you to everyone who came to celebrate silly monkey’s big first birthday. the boy made out like a bandit!

not only did he get a TON of gifts (some of the coolest i have ever seen), he had TWO cakes (actually, he had 3. we just used 2)…

this birthday party was especially important to me b/c my mom got to celebrate with us. she had a great time watching silly monkey eat his blue cake & open all of his gifts. i hope we will be doing the same thing next year (minus the blue icing)!

silly monkey crashed as soon as we got the car moving. poor kid. he & his blue hands & face are napping still. i’ll probably wake him for his 2nd bath of the day. what do you suppose will remove that dye? baking soda? vinegar? windex?

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