Posted on April 28, 2007


space bags. i love thee. space bags. never leave me.

so i finally figured it would be a good time to do some spring cleaning. about 3 months ago, our basement shelving fell (shelves hold 500 pounds, mounting clips hold 5 pounds – shouldn’t they work better together?!) and we never did put them back up. we also never sorted thru all the stuff that fell out of the crates that fell all over the floor b/c THE MOUNTING CLIPS THAT ONLY HOLD FIVE POUNDS THAT WERE ATTACHED TO THE SHELVES THAT HOLD 500 POUNDS BROKE & CAUSED ALL OF OUR STORAGE TO CRASH DOWN ALL OVER THE FLOOR IN THE BASEMENT… phew. i’m ok now.

anyway, so back to spring cleaning. i put a shelf back up. just one. i got tired. so one is back up and the other is leaning against the wall. but, here are some things i totally accomplished…

* convinced matt that we didn’t need to keep his 800 pounds of magazines (see “falling shelves” above). yay! they go byebye.

* emptied 4 crates full of 0-12months baby clothes (and baby related items) & repacked them into 6 space bags & 2 crates, which are nicely tucked into the back of silly monkey‘s closet.

* crammed organized all of matt’s extra wires & loaded them into a covered crate. tucked those into the hall closet.

* got the suitcases placed up high & away, b/c hey, when do we ever use them? us? travel? also put the cat carriers away, b/c hey, when do they ever travel?

* packed up 4 bags of clothes, toys & other household items to donate to the kidney foundation. makes me feel good that someone in need will get all of silly monkey‘s unused “ugly clothes”.

* picked up silly monkey‘s “extras” from my mom’s to pack away (ie. carseat, base, bouncy seat, etc). this was, of course, AFTER i helped move furniture & spring clean there.

of course, i also vacuumed the house, did dishes, took care of the boy, cleaned up after the hubby, took out some trash, and cleaned up the basement. so for those of you who think i do absolutely nothing & am a super lazy bum (and you know who you are), chew on that!

oh & i got stung by a bee. ouchy.

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