Posted on May 14, 2007


i have the greatest mother in the world. i can say that with great certainty for many reasons, but, this is the main reason…

when i got pregnant with silly monkey i was pretty neurotic (yes, totally different from now). i was scared to death something would be wrong with me, with the baby, with our house, with our dog (this one was true, but that’s besides the point), with everything. of course, this is probably b/c we had lost a baby just a few months before getting pregnant with silly monkey, but still – I WAS NEUROTIC… to the core.

after i started to show, it was 10 times worse. i didn’t want anyone to touch me, talk to me, look at me, etc, unless given approval 24 hours in advance. i was gracious about the touching b/c, well, quite frankly, people are weird and touching a pregnant woman makes them all warm & fuzzy inside (while it made me steamy & annoyed). HOWEVER, one day, i decided that if someone was going to grab my belly, i was going to grab something on them that was just as inappropriate – get my drift? and i did. to a woman. that was older. and fatter. but not pregnant. while my mother didn’t exactly see me do it (she missed it by a millisecond), she did see the look on that woman’s face as she slowly backed away from me. so i said “mom, that woman grabbed my belly so i grabbed her boob”. she looked at me, started laughing hysterically & said calmly… “well, she had it coming”. AND SHE DID!!!

through the course of my pregnancy, my mom told me i would be a wonderful mother. she told me she “just knew” that i was made to be a mommy & that my baby would be a lucky baby. a very lucky baby. she told me that no matter what happened in the course of my life, my baby would be loved more than any baby, ever, b/c i would be his mommy. then she said… “i know this b/c you are my baby and i love you”. it still makes me tingly & i can still hear it in my head. so is my mom great? yep, without a doubt. is she the greatest? i sure think so.

in other news…

so yesterday was mother’s day. the one day a year when mommy is supposed to rest & relax & daddy is supposed to take care of everything. not so much in our household. i was up til 3am moving furniture & cleaning, then awoke at 9am with silly monkey & did more cleaning. HOWEVER, i did get 2 dozen pink roses from my boys AND my old desk brought the house by hilma, doug, keith & justin AND had dinner with the fam at genji (minus matt)(YUMYUMYUM), so… i had a pretty great day after all!

OH… AND silly monkey CLAPS HIS HANDS NOW. that was a super cool mother’s day gift. super duper cool!

** quote by Oscar Wilde

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