Posted on May 29, 2007


oh.  my.  gawd!  why didn’t i notice it before?!

i no longer have an infant.  i have a toddler.  what the …

ok, so i know that size-wise, silly monkey hasn’t been an infant since he was about 8 months old.  HOWEVER, age-wise, i knew i had a good 4 months before my infant would disappear and i would have a toddler.  so why is this hitting me now?!  well, BECAUSE silly monkey NEEDS NEW SHOES!

i cannot navigate under “infant” b/c he wears a size 5/5.5.  i cannot browse nordstrom in the infant department, b/c, well, see above.  stride rite has ONE PAIR of TODDLER boys sandals, which they so happen to be out of at the moment.  i have also been informed that infant sandals stop at size 3.  SIZE THREE!!!!  silly monkey never even wore a size 3.  by the time we started shopping for shoes, he wore a size FOUR AND A HALF!!!

ugh.  i’m all strung out now.  i need a nap.  goodnight.

** post title = quote from Nick Letney (yea, i have no idea who he is either)

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