Posted on June 4, 2007


i hate mondays.  they symbolize the start of another long, drawn out week.  they are filled with people running around shouting nonsense b/c they were so distracted on Friday with the anticipation of being out of the office for 2 days.  there are 52 weeks in a year, meaning there are about the same # of weekends, right?  so, why, every Monday, do people act like zombies with deadlines?

RELAX people… nothing is life or death, except LIFE and DEATH!

moving on…

grammy & gramps came for a visit yesterday.  silly monkey had such a great time not eating his dinner and begging for lo mein.  had i known he liked ramen, i would buy the 15 cent stuff and share it with him for dinner.  i know, i know – sodium.  ick.

i swear, i could watch silly monkey play for hours & be entertained.  he really is THAT fun.  last night, he carried grammy’s purse around, then carried gramps’ camera bag around, did minutes of funny dancing/stomping (he is SO going to be a clogger), smacked my pony tail & giggled at me yelling “ouchy”, and crawled all over anything in the way of him getting into the kitchen (mainly gramps).

earlier in the day, we all did some family shopping and silly monkey only threw his cup on the ground ONCE and only grabbed for toys TWICE.  yes, seriously, ONLY TWICE.  that’s a major feat!  he also only screamed ONCE!  it was a very, very, very good day.

saturday, silly monkey & i joined auntie michelle for a shopping trip to trader joe’s.  i LOVE trader joe’s.  they have amazingly fresh fruits & veggies, a neato frozen section & are quite inexpensive.  plus, they are the only place that carries silly monkey‘s fave meatless meatballs.  i so want the resuable shopping bags.  no fun when the paper bags get wet, soggy & drop your groceries thru the bottom.  especially not fun when you’re holding 2 wet bags, a purse, a toddler the size of sasquatch & jogging up the steps, fumbling keys, only to look back & see the front lawn scattered with tomatoes, crackers & cheese.

note to self:  just buy the stupid reusable bags!!!

mom is doing quite well. she’s been up & about using her walker, which makes this much easier for michelle.  the oven at their house is still nasty, as they’ve been waiting for a replacement for the one that burnt out for over 2 weeks ago.  their landlord is super special and by “special”, i mean mentally & emotionally challenged.  you can add disrepectful, lazy & liar to that list as well.  how can he possibly be a pastor?!  sorry, got side tracked.

the house is clean b/c matt actually cleaned the bathrooms.  it only took a bribe of an early morning trip to wendy’s, unshowered with no makeup or deodorant on to make it happen.  how awesome am i?!  stinky?  sure.  clean bathroom?  it is now!!!

other than all of the above….

* silly monkey got 2 new pairs of shoes (leather sandals & white adidas’).  when i’m not so lazy, i’ll go downstairs, get the camera & take some photos.  then someday i’ll post them.

* silly monkey has a bruise between his eyes.  it’s yellow now, so it just looks like he colored on  his face with a crayon, which i know it virtually impossible to do, which is why i say it “LOOKS LIKE”…

* it rained all weekend so we didn’t get to go swimming again.  boo hoo.  then again, the dog ate thru the box to the new pool, thus chewing into the pool, so it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

*  i watched way too many “whose wedding is it anyway” eps this weekend.  does it make me want to redo my wedding?  hecks NO!

* my mom’s cat is depressed.  do you blame him?

post end.  i’m too annoyed to continue.  stupid landlord.

** post title = mark twain

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