Posted on June 8, 2007


mommy needs a break. she says she’s exhausted and even though i’m not sure exactly what that means, i figured i’d give her that break. so today’s post is courtesy of me, silly monkey

last night, mommy & me dropped smooch the cat off to be shaved. this morning, we woke up early to drop doggy dexter off to be shaved. mommy remembered to give me a cup full of yummy vanilla soy milk in the car, so i was pretty quiet the whole way to the vet’s office. then we rushed home just in time to greet the flooring guys to fix the kitchen floor (mommy says this is a long story that she doesn’t want to get into again). unfortunately, lifestyle communities did not provide the flooring guys with a proper work order so nothing got done. mommy is upset. she has told at least 3 people, just today, not to buy a lifestyle communities home. she said “don’t even take it if it’s free”. she really must be mad. so then the lifestyle rep guy came and did the sound testing. after 2 hours, he told mommy “sorry, there really isn’t anything we can do b/c the building are up to code”. i asked mommy why her face was so red & why there was steam coming out the top of her head, but again, she said she didn’t want to talk about it. then she muttered something about misrepresentation, the CEO of the company, a phone call a day and some sort of legal action. i lost interest when i spotted a wrapper on the floor. wrappers are fun.

i sure hope mommy feels better tomorrow. i feel a “moody boy” day coming on.  and a big thank you for mommy for helping me with my spelling and grammar.  thanks to the thesaurus, too.  sometimes i get my words all mixed up.

nigh, nigh.  now i want a nana and a some zishies.

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