Posted on June 15, 2007


some random thoughts…

* i love when silly monkey gives me kisses.  he puts his hands on my face and goes in for it.  just awesome.

* i hate birds.  yes, i said hate.  all birds.  in fact, if they talk, it’s weirder.  so all birds.  i hate.

* i had this weird feeling about silly monkey‘s name being “BLAH”.  only b/c i remembered a creepy red-headed kid on the mickey mouse club (90’s version) being named “BLAH”.  turns out, his name was BLAHBLEH.  yep!!!  i now 100% completely love, without a doubt, my silly monkey being “BLAH”.

* bmv.  ’nuff said.

* haircut.  asap.  please.  but, not silly monkey, just yet.

* i need to paint my house.  i finally got some shelves up and moved some frames/photos around, but it needs paint.  desperately.  anyone know where i can get soundproofing paint?!

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