Posted on June 21, 2007


A is for a**^!&@, and you know who you are.

B is for blech, which is how i feel about “M”.

C is for chemo, which should have happened today.

D is for dominoes.  5-5-5 deal!

E is for egnorant, which is how stupid people spell ignorant.

F is for friggin’ fantastic, see “C”.

G is for glug, glug…silly monkey‘s booty needs a bath.

H is for headache, which i have, which won’t go away.

I is for i need for something to go right – like, now.

J is for jail, where stupid people should be (in the same cell as paris hilton).

K is for “kill bill”, which i may have to go on “M” b/c of “C”.  see also “B”

L is for lost.  life, time, etc.

M is for myra…i hate you.

N is for nurse, a sucky nurse.  see also “M”.

O is for old, which i feel at this very moment in my life.

P is for pooping out grapes, which negates the reason for eating them!

Q is for quality care, which i only see on tv & even then that’s pushing it.

R is for ridiculous.  ’nuff said.

S is for sucky.  please see “N”.

T is for toes, and i need a pedicure.  **did you hear that honey?!**

U is for us b/c we’re all in this together, no matter what.

V is for vavavavavavavoom.  check out my new hair!  YAY!

W is for wax.  brows, anyone?

X is for xylophone, which i just got for silly monkey last week – BANG! BANG!

Y is for yes.  yes you can.  and yes you will.

Z is for zebra, b/c it’s the only thing i can think of that starts with a Z.

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