Posted on June 25, 2007


ok, so no one likes to comment on my blog. you all want to email me & tell me how clever & silly i am, but in private, so no one else knows. whatever! i don’t like you anyway!

moving on…

i threw my back out. it feels broken. it’s all mom’s fault. ok, so i keed. i did try to help mom up & i did rip every possible muscle/nerve/tendon/ligament in my back (no, not really really). it took me about a half hour to get off the ground. another half hour to get up on the sofa. another 10 minutes to lay down. and another 15 minutes to get onto my feet to stand, to drive (so safely!) me & silly monkey home. in the midst of all of this, michelle was taking care of mom, silly monkey & me (thanks for the meds) and i had to call matt to tell him to cancel his friday night plans to be a boy with his boys.

other than child birth, pregnancy sciatica, kidney surgery, and my tonsillectomy, i can’t recall being in so much pain. thanks to my super cool military neighbor & her super cool biomedical supplies, i was feeling MUCH (but not all) better this morning. then i got to work and sat in my cushy chair & i’m am now…currently…in pain…severe pain. go figure. i’m telling you, my job is bad for my health!

with that said, this weekend was pretty much silly monkey‘s reign of terror. with mommy out of commission & unable to run around after silly monkey, he pretty much took over the house. here are some silly things he did & will NEVER, EVER do again…

* put his sippy cup full of water in the cd player

* put matt’s pajamma pants in the cd player

* put matt’s pajamma pants in his lego bucket

* put his graham crackers in the basketball hoop – half eaten & wet

* put his graham crackers in the ball popper – half eaten & wet

* unplugged the dvd player & put the cords in his lego bucket

* pushed his toy box over the sofa & pulled all of the remotes out of the tv stand drawer

so in a nutshell, this weekend was pretty sucky. and my back STILL hurts. ah… mondays.

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