Posted on July 4, 2007


it’s been a tough few days. let’s start with last saturday…

dexter crashed. not completely, but he wasn’t his usual perky self, so i rushed him to vet for some testing and injections. he’s doing a BIT better, but still not back to normal.

then… monday, i went to work and stayed late b/c i knew i was going to be off for 2 days. tuesday to get my floors fixed and weds for the holiday. as i’m leaving, i hear my cell voicemail. it’s lifestyle telling me that my flooring didn’t get ordered so i’d have to reschedule. i called right back. “um, what”… “yea, we need to reschedule, the flooring didn’t come in”… “but i’ve had this appointment scheduled for 3 weeks and this will be the 3rd time the floors were supposed to be fixed, but haven’t been, NOT COOL!”… “well, we’re not sure what happened, so is there a better day that we can do this”… “yes, tomorrow”… “well…”… “yea, i hear you. this is ridiculous, i’ll have to call you back with a date”… “ok, sounds great”… “no it doesn’t, did you not hear that this is the 3rd time this has happened, forget it, you people suck (ok, i didn’t say “suck” per se)”. so that’s that. my floors are still uneven and ugly. DO NOT BUY A LIFESTYLE HOME – they’re cute & cozy, but once you sign the dotted line, they could give 2 craps about their great WARRANTY. i need to send ANOTHER letter to the CEO. ugh.

after that, i head over to mom’s to pick up silly monkey. he did not nap. this is just the beginning.

on to tuesday… since i had the day off and had already cleared my desk in anticipation of the 2 days off, i just did things that i NEEDED to get done, but have been putting off, like…

going to the funeral home to prepay things for my mom. sounds morbid & it is. lucky me, i took silly monkey “the terror” with me. he was such a brat that it was a distraction from what was really going on. i made the arrangements, signed on the dotted line and paid, then swooped him out to the car. something about a child running around, throwing blocks, screaming, crying (he seriously sounds like a dying cat), and digging things out of my purse really makes being in a funeral home, just like any other place! ugh.

after that, we stopped at walgreens for the the “mom essentials” and silly monkey snacked on mcd’s fries and chicken nuggets. actually, he threw the chicken nuggets all over the floor (note to self, get nuggets out of purse and into trash), but at least he was quiet.

stopped at mom’s (by the way, this is still tuesday) and tried to lay him down for a nap. NO GO. brought him downstairs to play, but all he wanted to do was wail, steal mom’s blanket, hug her legs, grab the wheelchair wheels, throw his toys and whine (like a dying cat). so after about an hour, we went home, just in time for me to…

force him to take a nap. YAY! finally, 2 hours for quiet. sort of. i still had to clean up b/c michael & barb were coming to watch silly monkey for the evening so matt & i could head out to red, white & boom. but, guess what? we didn’t even go. we were both exhausted and didn’t want to brave the crowd. does that make us old?

so we went to dinner & movie (1408) instead. now, silly monkey always has to warm up before he will play & feel comfy, but this night, the freak-out started early… before michael & barb even entered the house. ugh.

michael & barb approach steps.

cut to silly monkey… CRYING… mouth wide open. all enter home.

danyelle puts him down. he will not let go. matt grabs him and puts him on the ground. he runs back to danyelle. she picks him up (oops). matt takes him & forces danyelle out the door. matt is seen running from the home.

silly monkey stands in corner for 20 minutes. finally realizes he doesn’t want to share his toys with grammy & gramps.

goodnight, thanks for coming.

we got home around 1045pm (such a late night, eh) and learned silly monkey did just fine after his first 20 minutes in the corner.

and then, wednesday…

my plan was to get silly monkey up in the morning & go visit mom. did it happen, no! after breakfast, he decided he would not let me be. he needed me right next to him ALL morning. so there i was, on the floor or sofa playing with him, for 3 hours. we forced nap time at 1130am, since he appeared to still be completely untired at that point. he fell asleep at 1215pm. so did i.

at 215, he woke up & we had lunch. he then threw 90% of his noodles on the floor. screamed (like a dying cat) for more blueberries (can you believe he knows what’s in THAT container) and smooshed all of his peas into the corner of his tray. after 2 cups of water, he decided he had had enough & threw his cup across the dining room & into the kitchen (i’m guessing this is how it cracked, though i didn’t yet notice).

at about 430, i’ve decided to force another nap – if only b/c i STILL had not showered. this was after he unplugged, yet again, the dvd player and crawled into his toy box for the 10th time.

i take a shower. clean me, yay! after about 15 minutes, i hear “bang, bang, bang”. silly monkey has decided to rock his crib & bang the rails against the wall. it is only 5pm. ugh.

so we go for a ride. hey, maybe the car will calm him. NOPE.

at 7pm, silly monkey gets to go to bed. i realize his cup of milk is leaking, probably due to the fact that he threw it during dinner.  that one’s trash.  poo.  we grab a new cup & head upstairs.  of course, now, he’s very loving, giving me kisses & hugs.

i can’t believe i’m about to say this…

i have to work tomorrow & i’m not particularly sad about it.

eeek. i take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!

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