Posted on July 6, 2007


ok, so not really, but…

1.  dexter is back in the hospital.  on weds, he was peeing blood (nice imagery, eh?) and didn’t want to walk up the stairs.  by thursday morning, he was having tremors again.  matt ran him in to the vet while i was stuck at work & i got a call that dex had:  a fever of 105, low platelette count, low potassium, low blood sugar (again), a UTI, blood in his urine, and had tested positive for anemia.  poor thing is now hooked up to an IV (which as of 2pm, he had chewed through).  he’s a doing a bit better today, but has to spend another night there.  his temp is down to 102.2.  i miss him.

2.  mom is still not scheduled for chemo.  she DID get her medical bed yesterday, but she didn’t know who i was when i was there.

all in all, yesterday sucked BIG TIME!

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