Posted on July 15, 2007


there are few things in life that give you a definite feeling of relief, a like no other “i wish” giggle, or a “this is truly awesome” feeling in the pit of your stomach.

when silly monkey was born, i had the “truly awesome” feeling. i have had this feeling over & over again at each & every one of his little & big milestones. so, yes, i TOTALLY know what THAT feels like.

a definite feeling of relief – i can’t say i’ve quite gotten that one yet. sure, when silly monkey was born 99.99% healthy (hey jaundice, you still owe me!) & a complete boy, i was relieved, but it was overtaken by the “awesomeness”. sure, when my mom came out of all of her surgeries, i was relieved, but i knew there was more something to come. and sure, when i finally got all my ducks in a row and cut my hair, i was relieved, but then i realized that i’d have to blow it dry everyday – sooooo…..

as for the “i wish” giggle, i TOTALLY experienced that this weekend.

i am so glad it was finally the weekend. and i did rest, for the most part.

friday night, matt & noticed that a few of silly monkey’s toys had some weird red stuff on them. since he’s opposed to tomatoes, ketchup was out. since he’s not yet picasso, paint was out.


oh, it’s just his fingernail. ok. mommy kiss it, make it better. **smooches** (ewwww… put those toys in the dishwasher.)

after the bloodbath had ensued & silly monkey went to bed, matt & i actually stayed up to watch an adult movie. HA! not that kind of adult movie. i mean a non G rated, non backyardigan’s/dora/diego, non cartoon, non singing/musical movie. we popped some corn…

and settled in for the hills have eyes – 2.

it was pretty gruesome. not at all like the first, in the sense that the first one actually had a plot. this one was more of a monster movie. not really my cup-o-tea, but it beat watching reruns of “charm school” on vh1 all night long.

it was also nice to spend some time quasi-alone with matt. we really haven’t done much of that since… well, since before we were pregnant with silly monkey. we’re starting to realize how important it is and how much we miss it.

saturday, i got some alone time so i could run errands and find a dress (for an upcoming wedding). matt stayed home and played hide-n-seek with silly monkey.


i actually found a dress. it only took 3.5 hours, 6 stores, and a mini breakdown in nordstrom b/c i almost (was seriously thisclose) to buying a marc jacobs sundress. but i didn’t, i resisted, i put it back and walked away. i remembered that i’m still paying off dexter’s vet bill. UGH. UGH. UGH. though, you know, as soon as it goes on sale, it’s MINE!! hey… does anyone have a nordstrom discount?!!!! (that’s how i beg.)

i did get a cute, florally, fun party dress – very affordable and very on sale at benetton. you’ll have to wait to see photos until i actually wear it. boo hoo, on you. **giggles**

so that’s all for this weekend. i’m already looking forward to the next.