Posted on July 19, 2007


i am a big boy.

mommy says i might be too big for my britches. i’m not quite sure what that means.

my dr says i am 32.5 inches tall. i’m in the 87th percentile. whatever. when people ask, i like to tell them i’m “just shy of 3 feet… you want some of me?!” – then they back up! yeeeah! 3 months ago, i was only 31 inches tall (85th percentile). mommy said i’m growing like a beanpole. again, i have no idea what she means by that.

i’m also 24 pounds, 7 ounces. when i was just 12 months old, i weighed 24 pounds and was in the 73rd percentile. now, i’m in the 49th percentile. my dr said i don’t really weigh enough. someone my height should weigh at least 31 pounds. so… i guess i have to eat more meat – or i suppose, meat in general. since i have that lactose intolerance issue, i have a hard time getting enough protein and fat. the cheese, soy & yogurt just aren’t cutting it. tonight, mommy made me eat ground turkey. i made her think i didn’t like it, but it was OK. tomorrow, i will try the chicken – daddy usually has great things to say about it – so hey, why not. oh and i have to drink less water and milk. something about “filling up” before it’s time.

other than that, i’m doing just fine. my cabeza is a whopping 19″, which is pretty average for someone my size. as for the talking, i’ll get to it when i get to it. so what if i don’t say “ball” or “birdy” (mommy hates birdies anyway!) – you still get me! when i want milk, i get it. when i want hugs, i get them. so stop worrying, i’ll be just fine!

that’s really it for the day. i went easy on auntie michelle b/c she hurt her back helping halmeoni. and i went easy on mommy b/c she had to help auntie michelle. i like this family. they all help each other and love each other so much. i’m the luckiest boy in the world.