Posted on August 31, 2007


it’s not you.  it’s me.  i’ve just been very busy.  things are so hectic.  i’m sorry.  when things settle, i promise to make time for you.

alright, now that that’s out of the way…

we’ve been cleaning up mom’s house and trying to get everything out.  michelle is finally settled in her new place (for the most part) and my my living room is full of my childhood toys, photos, books and boxes full of “who knows what i was storing at mom’s for these past 10 years” stuff.  i’m exhausted.

mom’s landlord (very soon to be ex house dictator) is a huge, gigantic, humungous jerk.  we nearly came to fisitcuffs when he pretty much broke into the house on monday & tuesday to rip up carpet and paint & do other things.  he even tried to change the locks, but we caught him.  anyone know what we can do about this?  we’re paid thru the end of the month (today).  anyway… ’nuff said about that.

on to our updates…

me: nothing new.  i’m tired.  OH and i scored some tickets to the osu game for tomorrow.  matt is super excited.  i’m not going.  like i said, i’m too tired and not in the mood to trekk 2 miles to the stadium, up 8 billion stairs, then back down and back to the car.  so, it’ll be a boys day out for matt & whoever decides to accompany him.

matt: see above.  other news?  nothing much.  same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  but ask him and he’ll squeal with delight that he will be seeing his beloved buckeyes at the season opener!

silly monkey: what isn’t new?  so let’s see… we’re interviewing daycares, he’s tickling anyone and anything that will allow it (he also says “tickle, tickle” when he does it), he busted his mouth last week (though after the blood washed away, it was barely 2 scratches),  he will eat tomato sauce on noodles now (but only on macaroni shaped pasta), and he’s as adorable as ever.  OH and he gives real kisses now – he puckers and smooches.  i love it all!!!  can’t get enough!

so those are the quick updates.  more to come.  soon.  pretty soon.  ok, after i get my living room cleaned up.

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