Posted on September 19, 2007


so just to clarify, in case any of the thousand people who emailed me about my last post is still worried… I AM FINE.  it was just one of those days.  a difficult day.  a day where i had to let it out before it ate at me.

THAT and i had just watched some home videos.  how grateful am i for matt’s electronic fascination and obsession?  super grateful b/c i have my mom on video just a half hour after silly monkey was born, holding him and talking about his “slanty eyes”.  and i have one with her hugging him at just a few weeks old, saying how soft his hair and cheeks were and that she loves him.  and there’s even one from last september.

so.  there.  everything is ok.  i’m ok.

over the weekend, michelle took silly monkey to the zoo for his first visit.  he LOVES the monkeys.  he giggled with glee at the sight of them swinging around.  and that’s about where it stops.  unless you count the joy in pulling a little girl’s hair or poking at another little boy.

while silly monkey was playing with the wild, matt & i had a date!  we saw “the brave one” (not so bad) and had some lunch.  it was nice to spend time together where we weren’t discussing diaper squishing and weebles.  but i missed my baby horribly and by 6pm, i was pacing in & out of the house, waiting for michelle to bring him back to me.  i am SUCH a wimp!!!

we’re also doing some upgrades to the condo, so i’m very excited that i’ll finally have my master bedroom walk-in closet, which is currently 2 slider closets and a hallway.  we’re CLOSING IT OFF!  after that, and assuming that lifestyle actually fixes my floors, we’ll be good to go.  it’s nice to move away from the “just starting out” look to the “this is my HOME” look.  me likey!!  i’ll post photos once we’re all done.

oh and silly monkey got his own little chair, which should be on my doorstep as i type.  it’s a “club chair” and adorable.  he’ll love it!!!

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