Posted on September 24, 2007


ok.  so silly monkey likes brownies.  but not just any brownies, auntie hilma’s made from scratch brownies.  first mistake.

silly monkey also likes ice cream.  but not just any ice cream, dairy queen’s ice cream cake ice cream.  ok.  any ice cream.  he likes any ice cream.  but anyway, second mistake.

boy went crazy last night!  he was running around in circles at hilma’s last night, after joshua’s bday dinner.  the kid went nuts for about 45 minutes.  he ran into the side of the table twice, bumped his head, laid down on the ground for a few seconds, then got up and started all over again. i haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time.  not that i condone the laughing at a toddler that has bumped his head into a table – i hugged him for those moments.

we got home and he slept like a LOG!

it all started saturday, for joshua’s birthday.  he came for a visit and silly monkey & i gave him a bag full of papertowels and cookies (don’t ask).  last night, hilma made a yummy dinner for us all to celebrate.  she also made oatmeal cookies (which silly monkey ate), brownies (which silly monkey ate), and i brought an ice cream cake (since i know mom would have wanted joshua to have, just like every year before – which silly monkey ate).

the rest of our weekend consisted of joint napping and quick visit to auntie sarah’s house.  we should go there more often – silly monkey got a cool dinosaur, which we quickly named “rex” and a new book.  i pretty much have the book memorized now, since he made me read it 10 times sunday afternoon.

so, three things i learned this weekend…

1.  never give a toddler a cookie, a brownie and some ice cream all at once.  or even in the same day.  or even the same week.  or ever.

2.  cats eat spiders.

3.  never wake matt at midnight, when he has to be at work at 3am.  even if it was by accident, after moving the blanket.  ooops.