Posted on October 11, 2007


i bought a piece of crap condo almost 2 years ago. i actually hesitate to call it a piece of crap regret b/c i really do love it. a lot. we just hate lifestyle… with a passion. anyway, moot point.

so it’s been almost 2 years and we’ve barely done a thing. until now.

new basement floors (yay). new kitchen faucet (super yay). shelves, photos, furniture (yippee, yowie, yazoo).

it’s almost like a new place. it’s amazing what a ton little paint can do (and a huge little toddler mess). it makes me feel happy. and sore. very sore. but not sore enough to make the happy go away. it’s nice to have a “home” now. however, all of the superficial stuff aside …

i’ve been feeling a bit deflated lately. i miss my mom terribly. as of late, there really isn’t a moment that goes by that i don’t think of her. i’ve been trying to keep busy, but now i’m exhausted. and out of things to do. it’s strange. i’ve never been happier, but never been so sad. it’s frightening to think that one can have all of these emotions. all at once. all the time. i worry that it affects silly monkey. i know it affects matt. and i’m working on it. i’m working on it.

moving on…

silly monkey is SUCH the talker. i was so worried that he would never say real words. for the longest time, i swear he was fluent in gibberish, german and korean. but now we have real english words and it makes my heart flutter to hear them all (or some)…

daddy, nonny (mommy), cookie, doggy, dexy (dexter), diaper, diego (yes, seriously!), nana (banana), cheeky, bah (ball), yego (lego), kiddy (kitty)

he so enjoys the multiple syllable word. and d’s. he loves d’s. 12 words!!! probably more. but 12 words, at ALMOST 18 months old. my child is a genius.

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