Posted on October 22, 2007


things have been so ridiculously busy, so i’ll just post a quick recap of things-a-goin-on…

* my dad was here for a visit (10/12-10/14).  silly monkey hasn’t seen him for, like, half his life.  he was spooked, but we tried to introduce him (again) gradually.  not so good.  he would take a pepperoni, but not a hug.  oh well.  better luck next time.

* we had family portraits taken yesterday.  out of about 40 shots, 4 came out alright.  matt had a grand idea to all dress up in buckeye gear.  i reluctantly obliged.  the pics were cute, but we got stared at in max & ermas.  no more dressing alike for this fam.  plus, i had to wear a tshirt – i haven’t worn a tshirt in YEARS!

so… back to the photos… the fam photo is pretty cute, though the ones of just silly monkey are, well, less than spectacular.  he didn’t want to sit, unless it was in a box.  he didn’t want to look at the camera unless the girl gave him a teddy bear (so not manly).  he neglected cheeky monkey.  upon being given a football as a prop, he prompty tossed it away (it’s either throw the ball or “don’t touch my toy, i’m not letting go”).  his hair got messed up.  all in all, there were a few really cute solo photos, you just can’t see his face.

* silly monkey got another haircut.  matt wanted it short – to look like it did when he was 1.  however, matt fails to understand that silly monkey has 10 times more hair now, than when he was 1.  AND he is SO not ready for clippers.  and I’M so not ready for clippers.  this trip to cookie cutters was super bad.  he nearly fell out of his taxi cab, so i had to hold him in it while the lady haircutter person did her work thru my arms.  it certainly didn’t help that there was another young boy there who was screaming bloody murder.  is that what is sounds like to have 2 kids?!

* we have 3 pumpkins sitting on the front porch.  uncarved.  they’ve been there for a month.  we were going to carve them last weekend.  then saturday.  then last night.  wanna bet these won’t ever get carved and they’ll sit rotting on the porch til christmas?

gosh.  i suppose that’s it.  maybe i wasn’t as busy as i thought i was.  or maybe i was so busy that my memory is too full to actually remember.

photos coming soon.

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