Posted on October 31, 2007


halloween.  silly monkey’s first trick or treat halloween. it was awesome.

among other super busy things, i brought silly monkey to see his auntie hilma at work. there, he tricked and treated for yummy fruit snacks and apple juice. then we stopped at my office, where miss tricia pushed silly monkey around in a chair. he loved it! until i sorta kinda got in the way and then i got the “no, no, no, no, no”, complete with hand gestures.

we only stopped at 3 houses once it got dark. next door, one across the street – where he took more than his fair share of candy and auntie michelle’s house – where he was GIVEN more than his fair share of candy.

after silly monkey ate an entire fun sized package of m&ms, he checked out the cool glow stick, peeked in michelle’s pumpkin (that had a cool bat carved in it) and then we headed home, where we stopped to check out OUR pumpkins.

it all made me think of mom. she was very, visibly upset last halloween. she wasn’t able to make silly monkey’s costume as she had planned, and we spent the evening at the hospital. but, bumble bee monkey still enjoyed every moment. and so did mom. she would have been so excited to see him in his monkey costume and trick-or-treating.

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