Posted on November 1, 2007


the 18 months old world according to silly monkey…

* everything with wheels is a CAHR – a train, a bulldozer, even a bicycle. they all say “choo choo”.

* if it’s fluffy and it moves, it’s a KIDDY – unless it’s a DOGGY, or in some cases, a DESSKY.

* a peacock is a KIDDY and a zebra says “rawr”.

* crayons taste better with juice on them.

* if you squeeze chocolate into a lump, it tastes better.

* bumble bees are not bumble bees, they are BUMBOS.

* just b/c you say “mmmmm” when you eat something, does not mean you like it.

* pop tarts are not just for breakfast. in fact, they aren’t even pop tarts, they are COOKIES. so are cheerios. and nutrigrain bars.

* even if a tantrum is interrupted by kisses, it will continue.

* uncle joshua is DADDY – unless he is SHOSHY, or in some cases, NO.

* saying NO twenty times in a row means YES – unless it means NO, or in some case, MAYBE.

* south park rocks.

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