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Posted on November 17, 2007


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she’s kind of tired picking up my one million toys for the one thousandth time today.  i figured, hey, i’m a big boy now, i’ll take over the blogging.  i mean, seriously, how hard can it be?

so much has been going on with me.  i’ve learned to get on the sofa – much to the chagrin of mommy & daddy.  i’m still a bit iffy on the whole gravity thing, so if someone could explain WHY i shouldn’t stand, jump or bounce on the sofa, IN GIBBERISH, i’d appreciate it.

i also talk a lot now.  most of the words i say now are understood by mommy & daddy.  they can be such dummies sometimes.  the new words they hear now are:  baby, belly, apple (i surprised mommy with that one today), me, color, and happy.  mommy & daddy make me say these things IN ENGLISH over & over & over again.  too bad they don’t understand KNOCK IT OFF yet.

i’ve had a good time hanging out with grammy & gramps and some of my cousins.  i get to do it again tomorrow.  i also got to play with my friend, xander, and his mommy judy (auntie michelle’s best friend).  he’s a BIG,BIG boy.

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i’ve also been able to play at the park. it’s really fun.  i went with mommy & uncle joshua a few weeks ago.

110307 - AT PARK WITH MOMMY & UNCLE JOSHUA (30) copy.jpg

the swings rock.  and the slide is awesome.

110307 - AT PARK WITH MOMMY & UNCLE JOSHUA (22) copy.jpg

i’m still picky about my food.  i don’t like meat.  and i know it’s meat (hey, i’ve seen the peta website) so don’t try to trick me.  i’ll eat beans til my diaper is full, but NO MEAT!  it’s a good thing i eat all my veggies…

111607 - OLIVE FINGERS (2) copy.jpg

and fruits.  why, just today, i had a WHOLE apple.  i ate it like daddy does.  it was mmmmm.   ok, so i didn’t EAT the WHOLE apple, but i did have it.

111707 - A WHOLE APPLE (2).jpg111707 - A WHOLE APPLE (3).jpg

starting monday, i go to my new sitter’s house while mommy & daddy go wherever they seem to go for hours at a time.  wish me luck.

nigh nigh.

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